We believe investment success results from a combination of patience, long-term focus, prudent balance of risk and return, and adherence to a simple, yet rigorous investment process. Markets are efficient, yet as skilled investors we adhere to these principles to deliver superior returns.

As an OCIO for institutional investors, we recognize the value in clearly defining return objectives, risk tolerance levels and specific organizational constraints; aligning asset allocation with these objectives and properly mitigating risk; identifying and partnering with industry leading investment firms to implement and manage portfolios; delivering comprehensive, yet salient reporting and guidance; and achieving optimal investment results at a low total-cost and with the utmost fiduciary excellence.

We understand that most institutional investor objectives can be achieved by investing in conventional asset classes, such as long-only equity and fixed income. In limited cases, we’ve seen the alternative investment spectrum (i.e. unconventional investments) serve as a useful additive to achieving objectives and mitigating risks.

Paradigm considers and evaluates the following attributes when selecting investment managers or sub-advisors as partners:

• Independence and objectivity

• Ownership structure

• Expertise and experience of the firm and its professionals

• Assets under advisement

• Investment philosophy and process

• Investment research depth and capabilities

• Composition of investment solutions, models, and portfolios

• Total costs

• Performance track-record

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